Project Description

The Forest School idea is very potent concept
around a theory that whatever children can do
inside they can also do outside. Ecclesall
woods, the ancient woodland within the city
boundary has an old Sawmill site. The site
has exciting new plans for developing a centre
for innovative use of timber and has a number
of small businesses and enterprises already on
the site. At the moment the Forest School site
has outdoor play area and a teepee. They
would like to develop a “structure” to allow for
some additional facilities – to be decided but
most likely an “outside classroom” and the
aim is to build the project.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Eat, sleep & breathe timber

It's official...everyone is tired, and is looking forward to the shelter reaching its completion. But with so much still left to do, it seems time is simply slipping away... However, morale is high with everyone putting in 200% and trying to get the shelter finished by the end of the week. A hard working weekend gave us a good start to the week with the boys starting to secure the columns with bolts and start putting the composite beams into position.
While the boys are busy doing that, the girls are getting on with completing the bracing panels...Aditi and Caitriona prepare for the disaster that is SAWDUST!Chris and Tim have a secret rendezvous, except Chris looks disinterested...The bracing panels near completionOlly and Jo arrive with more free timber......and the girls unload it
The day ends with the composite beams in position in their tapered form. The shelter is starting to come together.

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