Project Description

The Forest School idea is very potent concept
around a theory that whatever children can do
inside they can also do outside. Ecclesall
woods, the ancient woodland within the city
boundary has an old Sawmill site. The site
has exciting new plans for developing a centre
for innovative use of timber and has a number
of small businesses and enterprises already on
the site. At the moment the Forest School site
has outdoor play area and a teepee. They
would like to develop a “structure” to allow for
some additional facilities – to be decided but
most likely an “outside classroom” and the
aim is to build the project.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

the classroom grows...

A rainy day brings with it lots of mud but that doesn't stop the outdoor classrooms team, we're on the home straight now....!
On site the team is putting up the composite beams and fixing them in place, meanwhile the team in the workshop start work on the storage/ seating unit.The following day is another very early start and the tiredness is starting to catch up with everyone...
however, the early start doesn't stop work from continuing. Although everyone is working hard, the team do take a quick break to celebrate Tim's birthday.

the roof support structure starts to come together

While Olly & Abbie fix the twigs for cladding, Scott, Chris, Willie & Tim start fixing the bracing panels
While on site everyone is getting quite muddy, the girls working at the sawmill are somewhat "cleaner". Olly decides this needs to be rectified!Once Olly's face is cleaned up, Aditi returns to help Jo start making the frame for the hurdles to cover the roof.
And so the penultimate day before the presentation ends with lots of mud and an almost complete classroom!And so we are at the ultimate day before the live project presentation...the hurdles are started and with a few 3rd year helpers from our whole school event, soon one of the two hurdle panels is close to completion.
...the flooring is laid
...and the step is lowered into place which needed the whole team AND our 3 extra helpers to carry up the slope and put into position

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